From Church Planting to the Internet

John 9:31; Now we know that God hears not the sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God, and does his will, him hears he.


When Cd and I first were called by the Lord to the ministry we felt the need to start a new ministry. We thought this meant to start a new ministry within the Church body at the local Church we were attending. The problem we faced was that we did not believe the same way as those we attended services with.

We had a unique encounter with a man that God had opened his eyes to Scriptural truths. He himself was not a member of a denomination within Christianity. His eyes were opened to what the Scriptures actually said, not what Church dogma said.

As we met with Rabbi Anthony, we learned that Scripture had not only been interpreted to fit the dogma of the denomination of whichever pastor we encountered but their individual biases. Our further experiences revealed that discrimination was and is rampant within all denominations of Christianity. I do not believe that was the case during the first centuries of Christianity.

As we were preparing to move from Clio to the Houghton Lake area, we felt the call from God even stronger to start a new ministry. We had been spending time up until our move translating the Early Modern English Scripture from the 1560 Geneva Bible to Modern English. So as we continued to translate the Scriptures we sought more revelation from Scripture, prayer, and meditation for this new ministry. 

We had encountered Church planters in the communities prior to Clio, in Clio, and again in the Houghton Lake area. We knew that we would not easily be able to take on such a ministry within any specific denomination. The guidelines for such a venture are very in depth and intense, as well as we would have to fight through much false doctrine. 

So we were at an impasse, how do we continue, and then the dawn of 2020 came. The world was about to experience something that had not been experienced in nearly a century. The revelation upon revelation came. Now we are Church planting on-line. 

Thank you,

RR VanWoert

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