Welcome to Living Rough

by & for Rough Vagabonds


by & for Rough Vagabonds

At Living Rough, we don’t compromise on our products, so you don’t have to compromise on your adventures.



We will be sharing our adventures and dreams of traveling and starting our own gear company.

Living Rough

We will be sharing our personal adventures from our travels from when we were homeless in Michigan.


We will be reviewing backpacking and bikepacking gear, and our trips.

Rough Vagabonds

We will be sharing with you stories that we have accumulated from the variety of characters we have encountered on the streets and backpacking.


The Great Outdoors

Backpacking / Bikepacking

We will be sharing with you our love for both of these sports. The triumphs and the defeats, and the learning experiences we gain.



We will be sharing gear lists for backpacking and bikepacking in a variety of circumstances, weather, terrain, and environments. As well as the uses for each piece.


Trail Project

We are planning a trip around the United States of America. This trip has no continuous trail that we can follow so we will be connecting as many as we can.


Too Busy Being Alive

We are just as busy as everyone else though we enjoy one thing – being alive. We love living life on our terms, and we will be sharing with you how we do it.


You have seen TooBusyBeingAlive and #toobusybeingalive throughout our various social media accounts. Make sure to follow along.

You too can be “Too Busy Being Alive.”


Living Rough; by and for Rough Vagabonds

We are ‘Too Busy Being Alive’

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